Who are the terrorists?



                                   Pentagon Report Reveals Multiple Blasts in Oklahoma City Bombing

According to the March 20, 1996 issue of Strategic Investment  newsletter, a classified Pentagon study confirms that the Oklahoma bombing was caused by more than one bomb. A classified report prepared by two indepedent Pentagon experts has concluded that the destruction of the federal building in Oklahoma City in April 1995 was caused by five seperate bombs. Two experts reached the same conclusion for the same technical reasons. Sources close to the Pentagon study are reported to have said that Timothy McVeigh did not play a role in the bombing but used peripherally as a "useful idiot".

We reported in Freedom Network News at the time that seismograph readouts at the University of Oklahoma indicated more that one blast impulse. Independent ordinance experts, including a Navy Commander, unanimously agreed that a truck bomb with low  intensity fertilizer explosives could not have inflicted such extensive damage to the building and that it was highly likely that high-intensity explosives had been wired directly to the columns. Our suspicion  then as now is that it was an "inside job". But whom is the mystery.Strategic Investment reports that the multiple bombings  had a Middle Eastern "signature." Others find the whole business to be extremely fishy because of the fact that no ATF or FBI agents were in there offices at the time of the blast(about 9:05 a.m.)- and that evidence pertaining to both Waco and Mena had been stored there



On 6-13-1997 Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death for bombing the Federal Building in Oklahoma City (dead men tell no tales). The "useful idiot" has indeed turned out to be useful, effectively deflecting attention from the real perpetrators of this crime.

The Oklahoma City bombing was America's equivalent to the 1933 Reichstag Fire. A fire destroyed the Reichtag Building on February 27,1933. Hitler blamed the fire on the Communists. The fire symbolically destroyed the only remaining institution capable of placing reigns on Hitler's grab for dictatorial power. Although the case is still somewhat disputed, the fire was very likely instigated by the Nazis and blamed on a Dutch Communist who had commited arson, Marinus van der Lubbe. There was no sign whatsoever of a revolution, but van der Lubbe gave the Nazis the excuse they needed and the pretext for new emergency measures(the Efmachtigungsgesetz, enacted on 3-24-1933).- The first Steps Leading to the "Final Solution" Timothy McVeigh is America's version of Marinus van der Lubbe(who was tried by the Nazis, found guilty and executed). On 4-23-1995, only four days after the bombing, with public outrage still at it's height, President Clinton signed into law the so-called Counter-Terrorism Bill.

Future historians may write:

Several bombs destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, President Clinton blamed the bombing on right wing terrorists. The bombing destroyed the records of the 1993 massacre of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas and also records relating to Mena. Although the case is still somewhat disputed, the bombing was very likely instigated by a secret criminal organization parasitic upon the U.S. government and blamed on a member of a right-wing militia, Timothy McVeigh, who was known to be sympathetic to violent resistance to the federal government. There was no sign, however of a revolution, but McVeigh gave the U.S. government the excuse it needed and the pretext for new emergency measures, the Counter-Terrorism Bill.

Again from The First Steps Leading to the Final Solution:

Hitler induced a confused and frightened Hindenburg to sign a decree euphemistically called, "For the Protection of the People and State," suspending all of the basic rights of citizens and imposing the death sentence for arson, sabatoge, resistance to the decree, and disturbancees to public order. Arrests could be made on  suspicion, and people could be sentenced to prison without trial or the right to councel. The suspension was never lifted throughout the entire period of Nazi rule, and the decree of February 28th destroyed fundamental guarantees under the Weimar democracy.

This sounds alot like the powers given to the FBI after September 11, 2001, under the "emergency anti-terrorist legislation" that was hastily enacted in October.

In April 1996 Vincent Miller wrote of the Counter Terrorisn Bill of 1995:

As we warned last year in the Freedom Network News and in JIm Elwood's "Dictatorship at Your Doorstep" pamphlet, this is a dangerous peice of legislation- the equivalent of Hitler's "Enabling Acts", in our opinion. Among other things, the act provides for secret trials, deportation of resident aliens without due process, and seizure of assets of any individual or organization that an increasingly more criminal government may arbitrarily declare "terrorist". There is no provision for appeal or return of seized assets.

And the legislation passed in 2001 to support the War on Terrorism is more of the same, only worse.


 On 6-11-2001 Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection. Or at least that's what we are told. But did he actually die? The possibility has been raised that the execution was faked so as to make it appear that the " sole perpetrator" of the bombing was caught, tried found guilty and executed-end of story.

But might McVeigh have agreed to go quietley to his "execution" provided he was assured that he would not actually die, but just be presented in the media as having died, later to be given a new identity in some South American country, thereby allowing the U.S. government to insist that the case is closed and nothing more is to be learnt?

At least one eye witness of the "execution"(Susan Carlson, reporter for WLS-AM Radio, Chicago) claims that McVeigh was still breathing when he was declared dead. A judge's order to have the execution video taped was overruled by another judge. And McVeigh's body was supposedly cremated soon after the alleged execution, so can't be exhumed.


Available evidence suggests that on 9-11-2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by means of explosives in a controlled demolition, not because two hijacked planes were flown into them. It is not a great leap of imagination to suppose that the people who brought down the Murrah building later applied their talents to the Twin Towers with, of course, much more far-reaching consequences, namely, the start of World War III.

   The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

It is interesting to note that the company which was contracted to cart away the rubble of the collapsed towers is the same company that carted away the rubble of the Murrah building, a company called Controlled Demolition.

Controlled Demolition Group, specializes in building demolition worldwide. They are one of a handful with the expertise to demolish a structure like the World Trade Center. In the case of the Oklahome building, Controlled Demolition carted off the remains and burried them in a hole in the desert before the smoke had stopped rising from the ruins. Then the rubble was covered over, surrounded by a security fence and guarded.

That was an investigative fiasco - given that there is no way an ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bomb could have blown away a third of the structure. Furthermore, according to retired blast expert Gen. Ben Partin, the blast velocity of AFNO bombs is incapable of the specific damage observed in the Murrah Building. Military explosives ten times more powerful would be needed to rip concrete away and leave steel reinforcing rods exposed.

But the motive for the crime was established by fiat moments after the blast, convenient criminal suspects were ID'd shortly afterwords, and over the many months that followed, every other lead was pushed asside because the powers that be had what they wanted, and that was that.

Now the 9-11 probe is proceeding along the same lines of planted stories, premature conclusions and stonewalled evasions.


1. THE MANCHURIAN INCIDENT: In 1931. Japan was looking for an excuse to invade China and expand their "Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere". So on September 18, the Japanese staged an attack on their own railway at Liutaogou, China and blamed it on the Chinese, thus creating the pretext they sought for war with that country.

2. THE REICHSTAG FIRE:  In 1933, the Nazis needed an excuse to seize dictatorial powers. So they burned the German Parliment building, the Reichstag, and blamed it on Communistsson attack was the excuse they needed to transform Germany into a police state.

3. THE GLEIWITZ "PROVOCATION": In 1939, the Nazis needed an excuse to invade Poland. Remembering the sucess of the Reichstag fire, they decided to stage another false flag event - this time a supposed attack on Germany by the Poles at Gleiwitz. This attack ostensibly provided a casus belli for an invasion of Poland on September 1, sparking WWII.

4. OPERATION AJAX: This 1953 operation, run by the CIA's Kermit Roosevelt, included the staging of false flag terrorist attacks for the purpose of overthrowing the Iranian government of Mohammad Mossadegh. The motovation for this operation was the Anglo-American belief that a democratially elected government does not have the right to disobey multinational oil corporations.

5. THE LAVON AFFAIR: In the mid 1950's, Israel became increasingly worried about the prospect of a British withdrawal from the Suez Canal area, defaulting the strategic waterway to the Egyptians. So to stiffen British resolve for remaining, they staged terrorist attacks against UK targets in Egypt. The anticipated reaction did not materialize, as the Egyptians uncovered the Israeli false flag operation. In the ensuing scandal, Isreaeli defense minister, Pinhas Lavon, was forced to resign.

6. OPERATION NORTHWOODS: In 1962 the US joint chiefs of staff were looking for an excuse to invade Cuba. To provide the pretext, they hatched a plot to attack US military instalations, stage assassinations, hijack US pasanger jets and blow them up, and then blame it on Cuba. Fortunately President Kennedy vetoed the plan.

7. THE USS LIBERITY: On june 8, 1967, the US inteligence ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked by unmarked Israeli fighter jets in hopes that the US would blame Egypt for the incident and side with Israel in the Six Day War. The courage of the Liberty's crew foiled the plan. In this false flag attack, 34Americans were killed and 173 wounded.

8. OPERATION GALDIO: This was a NATO-led program initially designed to provide a guerilla force to resist any further Soviet invasion of Western Europe. Ultimately the Galdio groups staged numerous terrorist attacks designed to weaken Communist political parties in democratic European states.

9.THE FIRST ATTACK ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER: In February of 1993, a bomb went off underneath one of the World Trade Center buildings. Initially blamed on islamic terrorists, it later came out that the FBI cooked the bomb and the plot to detonate it. The attack began to shapren anti-Islamic senitments in the US- feelings that fed to the post-9/11 paranoia.

10. THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: On April 19, 1995 the Murrah Building in Oklahome City was largely destroyed by pre-planted explosive devices. Counless eyewitnesses and news agencies reported sightings of these explosives, which could only have been planted by people with security access to the building. Recently, Terry Nichols that the aleged mastermind of the crime, Timothy McVeigh, claimed to be working for the FBI. The event provided the Clinton Administration with an excuse to pass tyrannical gun control lagislation and crack down on anti-government citizen groups.

11. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: In this attack, the ultimate false flag event of all time (so far at least) the government provided itself with an excuse for establishing a police state at home and perpetual war overseas. It is a physical impossibility for jet-fuel fires to have brought down the World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7. As with the Murah building, only pre-planted devices could have brought these buildings down.

12. THE ANTRAX ATTACKS. Soon after the 9/11 attacks, anthrax spores were mailed to select journalists and US Senators. Generally, these targets were particular "thorns" in the sides of the Bush Administtration. Dr. Fredrick Boyle has revealed that the spores in question could only have been made at the US bioweapons laboratory in Fort Dietrich Maryland.

13. THE UK TUBE BOMBINGS: On July 7, 2005, bombs exploded on three London subway cars and onje bus. This is suspicious because at least one witness ahs verified that the explosions originated under the trains, not within them. as the UK Government insists. The situation is made murkier by the fact that the aleged suicide bombers purchased return train tickets for their decidedly one-way mission. The cloudiness dissipates, though wen we learn that Visor Consultants was running government-led drills of train bomblins occurring at the exact same stations and the exact same times as the real explosions. Actuarial analysis of that curiosity has concluded it is mathematically impossible for such events to have been a simple "coincidence." This is most revealing, because drills are routinely run as a "cover" for the false flag operations of govfernments as they were done on 9/11.